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The Frank of Pembroke Pines

The Frank Art Gallery opened on April 27, 2017. It is a premier exhibition and learning space dedicated to creating a cultural climate to foster connections and community engagement. Contemporary artists, guest curators, performers, and thought leaders will converge to produce and share work essential to building an inclusive creative community.

Inaugural Frank Exhibition

What's Wonderful

An Expansive Perspective

What's Wonderful

Is What's Wonderful a question or a statement? Fourteen artists courageously and deliberately interpret the exhibition title to announce the arrival of The Frank. Site specific installations, multi-disciplinary works that explore passion and persistence, along with unsentimental studies of nature are among the work showcased for this inaugural exhibition.

The Frank is dedicated to initiating cultural change, creating partnerships for social engagement, and leveraging the power of the arts to create a sense of place, inviting the community to view art and see themselves.

Jill Slaughter
Chief Curator

What Else is Wonderful: 3rd Space Exhibit

The Frank is committed to exhibiting work from the community-at-large. The 3rd Space is an exhibition area on the second floor of the gallery designated for showing non-arts professionals and student curator work. What Else is Wonderful will inaugurate the space, showcasing original work by Friends & Stars, Inc. – A pioneering arts program expressly designed for an all-inclusive special needs population, while open to the general public.

Charles F. Dodge
City Center Gateway
sculpture by Brooks + Scarpa

People of Pines — A Community Engagement Project

As a vehicle to share personal stories portrait artist Carrie Smith was asked to paint images of community members. Ms. Smith's portraits capture the individuality of the sitter, conveying their state of mind, challenging the viewer to "look beyond the gaze and question what's transpiring psychologically within the mind of the sitter." The artist has been working on this project for one year.

A series of life questions were made available to participants. A continuous sound loop of responses will play in the project room exhibiting 16 People of Pines portraits as part of the exhibition What's Wonderful. It will not be known if the people speaking are portrait subjects.

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